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James Carter is a professional acupuncturist, with a solid understanding of Chinese healing philosophy. He runs Luna Acupuncture Wellness LLC, an institution that offers advanced acupuncture, among other techniques that help connect the mind, body, and soul for the most holistic treatments that are dynamic and customized. Anyone seeking support for their chronic health conditions at Luna Acupuncture can expect to be treated using any of the following techniques including: Advanced Acupuncture, nutritional guidance, herbal medicine, acupressure, sound and vibration therapy, moxibustion cupping, longevity medicine, and auricular therapy. James is continually improving his skills by diligently studying the ancient classical texts and literature of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, rooted in the philosophy of “yang sheng” that stands for nourishing life. James has also developed a culture of high level customer service at Luna Acupuncture Wellness LLC and strives to make sure all of his clients are happy. Anyone who seeks help at the facility is taken through a 15-minute session of free consultation to help determine what modalities they would best be served by at his offices. James and his staff offer these free consultations by phone and in person.  

What My Clients Say About Me

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